Synergy of an efficient, reliable and low-cost network for the Internet of Things, proven line of autonomous sensor devices and Free TON public blockchain platform.Join our community
IOTonTON is a balanced solution designed to bring together advantages of a global LPWAN and TON blockchain. It is expected to benefit various market players from multiple segments.

Currently in the pipeline, the project is steered by Trioti, a Russian-Italian JV. The main idea is to combine network setup and sensor circuit design expertise of the Russian GoodWAN with TON blockchain data collection, processing and distribution potential.

Taking the best of the two worlds, IOTonTON is not limited to cryptocurrencies in terms of billing. We use blockchain to create synergy, not to limit your options.
In a Nutshell
Get a combination of advantages and some unique features:
energy-efficiency • large network capacity • excellent coverage • long battery life • autonomous operation • attractive device and connection pricing • simple and fast installation • secure hardware and software • end-to-end encryption via LPWAN • customizable circuit designs • open source software • sharable database on a public blockchain • readable data traced by the device ID
"Sounds good, but why do you need it in the first place", you may ask us.
Well, we do expect to earn our part of the profit from connecting new customers to the network and transmitting encrypted messages from the network to the blockchain for a fee.

So, we cannot but reiterate: this is a win-win business opportunity for all players and consumers.
Recent Projects
Livorno, Italy
4 network gateways create a stable coverage

Deployment took 3 days

Wide variety of sensors installed
Although new in Italy, our project has already drawn the attention of public authorities from Venice, Treviso, Pisa, Livorno, Crespina, Cortina d’Ampezzo and other locations.
Moscow, Russia
37 network gateways deployed  across the city

Plans to further optimize coverage and ensure connectivity from basements
It has been over 3 years now that technologies of IoT are used in Moscow and around Russia. It takes as few as 40 network gateways to insure outdoor and indoor coverage of a major city like Moscow.
OK, How Does it Work?
Let’s assume a school needs motion detection sensors for doors. All the administration needs is to order devices from a factory, give them to the facility manager to install around the building and connect to an app in a couple of clicks. The system will take care of the rest from data tracking and processing to billing.
That’s basically it.
Core Elements
By Trioti
Network gateways

Sensors for a wide range of applications

Sample circuit designs for most popular application cases
By Free TON
Open source developer tools

Open source smart contracts for core cases

Community wallet

Free TON community
B2G & B2B
Public utilities

Traffic management




Oil and Gas
all types of sensors, detection, metering and tracking devices
Target Segments & Industries
Get sensors you need, install them at home, link to TON and start using right away. No additional maintenace or support needed.
cheap DIY options to create your own smart solution
Versatile Player Options
Create local networks within your communities to enable individuals and companies to benefit from them.
Government bodies and authorities
Collect raw data sets from existing device networks and resell it to interested parties.
Information feed providers
Get a vanilla chip design to start manufacturing devices for IOTonTON right away or engineer a custom one tailored to your target application or industry.
Device manufacturers
Use the open source ecosystem to develop a smart contract for TON compatible with IOTonTON devices.
Blockchain developers
Buy sensor devices you need, link them to your Community TON wallet and track the data you need by the device ID.
Make a branded solution based on IOTonTON for your company or customers.
Marketing specialists
About Trioti
Trioti is a Russian-Italian JV established to integrate TON blockchain with experience in radio technology and network setup of the Russian GoodWAN.
IoT on TON news
Free TON
We decided on Free TON, as it has a solid ecosystem that allows us to create a low-cost, secure and transparent technology for data acquisition from sensors for a wide range of market players, industries and segments.
Free TON community